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Battery-Hybrid Vessel Hydrogen and Biofuel- MOL Launches

9/14/20231 min read

The Hanaria, a distinctive new low-emissions vessel, was launched and given a name during a ceremony hosted by the Japanese shipping firm MOL and its partners. This unique passenger ship is built to run on battery, biofuel, or hydrogen power and will significantly reduce CO2 emissions for its operators.

Hanaria is being built at Hongawara Shipbuilding in Fukuyama and is owned by Motena-Sea, a joint venture between MOL and three other Japanese businesses. According to the proprietor, the name conjures up the "elegance of a magnificent song."

The crew has a variety of fuel options thanks to Hanaria, which can lower emissions by 50–100% compared to a vessel using equivalent fossil fuels. The engine is capable of moving the 100-foot watercraft at up to 11 knots of speed.

The vessel is still being built, and it should be finished by March 2024. It is expected to start running in Fukuoka shortly after that.

The support and inspection of offshore wind turbines near the port of Kitakyushu will be one of the vessel's uses, according to Motena-Sea. The installation of the wind turbines at the Kitakyushu-Hibikinada wind farm should be finished by the end of 2024. It will also be possible to rent it out and use it as a conference room.

MOL has started a number of forward-thinking projects in an effort to attain net zero greenhouse gas emissions in its operations by 2050. These include, among others, the Wind Hunter Project, a plan for a zero-emission

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