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Best Electric scooters for adults in India

8/10/20235 min read

There were several electric scooters available for adults in India. However, please note that newer models may have been introduced since then. It's important to do your own research and consider factors such as range, battery life, performance, pricing, and customer reviews before making a decision.

1. Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is a premium electric scooter manufactured by Ather Energy, an Indian electric vehicle company. It is known for its advanced technology, performance, and features. 

1. Design: The Ather 450X features a modern and sleek design with a focus on aerodynamics. It has a minimalist appearance and is available in various color options.

2. Performance: The Ather 450X is powered by a 6 kW (8 bhp) electric motor that offers impressive acceleration. It can go from 0 to 40 km/h (0 to 25 mph) in just 3.3 seconds, making it one of the fastest-accelerating scooters in its segment.

3. Battery and Range: The scooter is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack. It offers a claimed range of around 85 km in Eco mode and around 70 km in Ride mode on a single charge. The range can vary based on factors such as riding style, terrain, and weather conditions.

4. Charging: The Ather 450X supports fast charging and can be charged up to 80% in about 3 hours. It also features an Ather Grid, which is the company's public charging infrastructure available in certain cities.

5. Smart Features: One of the standout features of the Ather 450X is its smart connectivity. It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen dashboard that provides information about ride statistics, navigation, incoming calls, and more. The scooter also receives over-the-air (OTA) updates that can add new features and improve performance.

6. Ride Modes: The scooter offers multiple riding modes, including Eco, Ride, and Sport modes. These modes allow riders to adjust the scooter's performance and range based on their preferences.

7. Regenerative Braking: The Ather 450X features regenerative braking, which helps in recovering energy while braking and extends the scooter's range.

8. Build Quality: The scooter is built with a focus on quality and durability. It features a steel frame, alloy wheels, and premium components.

9. Availability: The Ather 450X was initially available in select cities in India, with plans to expand to more cities over time.

10. Price: The Ather 450X is positioned as a premium electric scooter, and its price is higher compared to some other options in the market due to its advanced features and technology.

2. Bajaj Chetak:

The Bajaj Chetak is an electric scooter produced by Bajaj Auto, a prominent Indian two-wheeler manufacturer. The Chetak marks Bajaj's entry into the electric vehicle market and pays homage to the iconic Chetak scooter that was popular in India for decades.

1. Design: The Bajaj Chetak retains the classic and retro design of the original Chetak scooter while incorporating modern elements. It features clean lines, a round headlamp, and elegant styling cues that pay tribute to its predecessor.

2. Performance: The Bajaj Chetak is powered by an electric motor that delivers smooth and instant acceleration. While it might not be as performance-oriented as some other electric scooters, it's well-suited for urban commuting and short distances.

3. Battery and Range: The Chetak is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack that offers a claimed range of around 95 km on a single charge. Actual range can vary based on factors such as riding conditions and usage.

4. Charging: The scooter supports both standard home charging and fast charging. It can be charged using a regular 5A household socket.

8. Instrument Cluster: The scooter features a digital TFT display that provides information such as speed, battery level, riding mode, and navigation.

9. Design: The TVS iQube Electric has a modern and streamlined design with LED lighting, alloy wheels, and a comfortable seating arrangement.

10. Regenerative Braking: The scooter is equipped with regenerative braking, which helps in recovering energy while braking and contributes to extending the scooter's range.

11. Build Quality: TVS has focused on providing good build quality, and the scooter comes with modern components and materials.

12. Availability: The TVS iQube Electric was initially available in select cities in India and was gradually being expanded to more locations.

13. Price: The price of the TVS iQube Electric falls in the mid-range segment of electric scooters, making it relatively more affordable compared to some premium options.

14. Warranty and After-Sales Service: TVS offers a warranty on the iQube Electric's battery and motor, along with after-sales service through its network of dealerships.

1. Motor and Performance: The TVS iQube Electric is powered by a 4.4 kW electric motor (approximately 5.9 bhp). While it might not have the fastest acceleration in its segment, it is designed for smooth and efficient city commuting.

2. Top Speed: The scooter has a top speed of around 78 km/h (48 mph), which is suitable for urban and suburban areas.

3. Battery Capacity: The iQube Electric comes with a 2.25 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

4. Charging Time: The battery can be fully charged in around 5 hours using a standard home charger. It also supports fast charging, allowing you to reach around 80% charge in about 1.5 hours.

5. Range: The claimed range of the TVS iQube Electric on a single full charge is around 75 km. However, actual range can vary based on factors such as riding conditions, terrain, and speed.

6. Smart Connectivity: The scooter features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect your smartphone to the scooter's TFT display. This enables features like turn-by-turn navigation, incoming call alerts, and more.

7. Riding Modes: The iQube Electric offers two riding modes: Economy and Power. The Economy mode prioritizes range, while the Power mode offers better performance.

3. TVS iQube Electric:

4. Hero Electric Optima:

The Hero Electric Optima is an electric scooter produced by Hero Electric, one of the prominent electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India. The Optima is known for its affordability and suitability for short urban commutes.

1. Design: The Hero Electric Optima features a simple and functional design, focusing on utility and practicality. It has a comfortable seating position and is designed for easy maneuverability in city traffic.

2. Motor and Performance: The Optima is equipped with a low-powered electric motor suitable for urban commuting. While it might not offer high speeds or powerful acceleration, it's designed to provide a convenient and efficient ride for short distances.

3. Battery and Range: The Optima is powered by a lead-acid battery, which is less common compared to lithium-ion batteries found in many other electric scooters. The battery capacity and range can vary based on the specific model and variant. Generally, lead-acid batteries have lower energy density and shorter lifespans compared to lithium-ion batteries.

4. Charging: Lead-acid batteries typically take longer to charge compared to lithium-ion batteries. The charging time for the Optima can vary, but it's generally longer than what you might find with lithium-ion battery-powered scooters.

5. Range: The range of the Hero Electric Optima on a single charge is relatively limited compared to some other electric scooters. It's suitable for short commutes within the city.

6. Design and Features: The Optima features a basic design with essentials such as a digital or analog instrument cluster, LED lighting, and storage compartments. It's designed to offer a no-frills solution for basic commuting needs.

7. Price and Affordability: One of the primary selling points of the Hero Electric Optima is its affordability. It's positioned as an entry-level electric scooter, making it accessible for a wide range of riders.

8. Availability: Hero Electric has a network of dealerships across India, making the Optima and other models relatively accessible in various cities.

9. Build Quality: The Optima's build quality is suited for its intended purpose as a budget-friendly urban commuter. It's not as feature-rich or high-performing as some premium options, but it serves its function.

10. Warranty and After-Sales Service: Hero Electric typically offers a warranty on its products, including the Optima. As with any vehicle purchase, it's advisable to inquire about the warranty terms and after-sales service at the time of purchase.

Remember that the availability and popularity of electric scooters can change rapidly, so make sure to check the latest models, prices, and user reviews before making a decision. Additionally, consider factors such as charging infrastructure in your area, after-sales service, and warranty when selecting an electric scooter.