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Highlights of Smart China Expo Smart Automobile Scenario Challenge in Chongqing

9/21/20233 min read

This year's three-day Smart China Expo held in Chongqing has become a global gathering of enterprises, spotlighting the remarkable strides made in China's new energy vehicle sector. As the event unfolded at the expansive Chongqing International Expo Center from Monday to Wednesday, the overarching theme of "Intelligent Connected New Energy Vehicles" took center stage.

This massive exhibition spanned seven venues, covering an impressive 80,000 square meters, where over 500 enterprises proudly showcased their array of intelligent products, ranging from cutting-edge televisions to the latest innovations in new energy vehicles.

The expo attracted a throng of passionate new energy vehicle enthusiasts, all drawn by the dual allure of cost savings and environmental responsibility. Among them was Liu Jie, a Chongqing resident, who articulated the growing sentiment: "I believe the new energy vehicle industry has been surging in China. Usually, for ordinary people like me, we think electricity is cheaper than gas. A new energy car, for me, is a vehicle I can use for daily commuting within the city. It's convenient and more cost-effective, so I want to buy one."

Crucial to this industry's rapid development is the pivotal role played by high-performance batteries, and some Chinese enterprises have ascended to a world-class level in this regard. A visit to one such enterprise, with over two decades of experience in the battery field, revealed their groundbreaking innovation—the Blade Battery. Launched in 2020, this lithium iron phosphate battery boasts dimensions ranging from 400mm to 1200mm, featuring a flat square structure that significantly enhances power system performance. Stringent controls on air humidity and dust concentration during production, coupled with the use of self-developed automated facilities, set these batteries apart from the market norm.

The Blade Batteries stand out for their exceptional safety and remarkable endurance, effortlessly achieving a range of 600 kilometers, with a rapid 70 percent recharge in just 20 minutes.

Official figures underscore China's dominance in the electric vehicle market, with over six million electric vehicles sold in 2022—comprising more than half of global sales. Chongqing, positioned as a pivotal hub for new energy vehicle production, continues to leverage its geographical advantages and supportive government policies to further bolster its burgeoning industry. As the Smart China Expo showcases, the future of intelligent connected new energy vehicles in China is not just a vision; it's a dynamic reality. Zheng Songwu, CGTN, Chongqing, eloquently captures the essence of this transformative event.

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