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Metro - Getting to & from Copenhagen Airport by Metro | CPH

8/25/20232 min read

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is well-connected to the city center through the Copenhagen Metro system. The metro provides a convenient and efficient way to travel between the airport and the city. Here's how you can get to and from Copenhagen Airport using the metro:

1. From Copenhagen Airport to City Center:

  • Follow signs to the metro station located in Terminal 3 of the airport.

  • Purchase a valid metro ticket from the ticket machines or use a contactless payment method if available.

  • Take the M2 line of the metro (usually labeled as the "City Ring" line) in the direction of "Vanløse."

  • The metro journey to the city center takes approximately 15-20 minutes, with several stops along the way.

  • You can disembark at various stations depending on your destination in the city, such as Kongens Nytorv, Nørreport, or others.

2. From City Center to Copenhagen Airport:

  • Locate a metro station in the city center, such as Kongens Nytorv, Nørreport, or other stations along the M2 line.

  • Purchase a valid metro ticket.

  • Take the M2 line in the direction of "Lufthavnen" (Airport).

  • The metro will take you directly to Copenhagen Airport.

Metro Schedule and Frequency:

The Copenhagen Metro operates with a regular schedule, and trains run frequently, especially during peak hours. Outside of peak times, there might be slightly longer intervals between trains. It's a good idea to check the official Copenhagen Metro website or use a public transportation app to find the most up-to-date schedule and train frequencies.

Tickets and Payment:

You can purchase metro tickets at the airport station or at various metro stations in the city. The ticket machines offer different options, including single-ride tickets, multi-ride tickets, and day passes. You can typically pay using coins, bank cards, or mobile payment methods like contactless cards and mobile apps.

Airport Facilities:

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is well-equipped with facilities for travelers, including luggage services, shops, restaurants, lounges, and more. The metro station is conveniently located within the airport, making it easy to access upon your arrival or departure.

City Metro System:

The Copenhagen Metro consists of multiple lines, with the M2 line being the primary route between the airport and the city center. The metro system is clean, modern, and well-maintained, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors.

Travel Tips:

- If you have heavy luggage, be sure to check for elevator or escalator access at both the metro station in the airport and your chosen city station.

- Keep an eye on your belongings while on the metro and at stations, as is recommended in any public transportation system.

- If you're traveling during rush hours, consider allowing extra time for potential crowds and possible waits for trains.