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"Top 6 Ideal Locations for EV Charging Stations According to Electric Car Drivers"


5/11/20231 min read

a row of doors with windows
a row of doors with windows
  • Workplace Charging Stations With more and more companies encouraging their employees to switch to electric vehicles, workplace charging stations have become an essential feature for many EV drivers. By offering charging at work, companies can attract and retain top talent while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Additionally, employees can charge their cars during the day, which can be a more convenient option than charging at home.

  • Public Parking: Lots Public parking lots, such as those found at shopping centers and restaurants, are another popular location for EV charging stations. EV drivers can park their cars while running errands or grabbing a bite to eat, and return to a fully charged vehicle. This convenience can be a significant factor in choosing where to shop or dine.

  • Apartment Complexes: Many apartment dwellers have limited access to charging infrastructure, making it difficult for them to own an EV. However, by installing charging stations at apartment complexes, property managers can attract tenants who drive EVs and offer an amenity that is becoming increasingly important to renters.

  • Highway Rest Stops: Long-distance EV travel requires frequent charging stops, and highway rest stops are an ideal location for EV charging stations. With charging stations available at rest stops, EV drivers can recharge their vehicles and take a break from driving, making long trips more manageable.

  • Tourist Destinations: Popular tourist destinations, such as national parks and beaches, are also excellent locations for EV charging stations. EV drivers can charge their cars while exploring these attractions, which can make visiting these destinations more accessible for EV drivers.

  • Multi-Unit Dwellings Similar to apartment complexes, multi-unit dwellings, such as condos and townhouses, can benefit from EV charging stations. By offering charging infrastructure to residents, property managers can attract buyers and renters who own EVs.