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TVS iQube Electric Scooter Sales Soar Fourfold in September

10/3/20232 min read

TVS Motor, a prominent Indian two-wheeler manufacturer, has achieved significant sales growth in September, with a six percent overall increase in sales compared to the same month last year. One of the standout performers is the TVS iQube electric scooter, which has seen a remarkable surge in sales, increasing fourfold compared to September last year.

1. Total Sales Growth:

TVS Motor sold a total of 4.02 lakh units of bikes and scooters in September, marking a growth from 3.79 lakh units in the same month last year. This represents a six percent growth in overall sales.

2. Domestic and Export Markets:

In the domestic market, TVS delivered 3.86 lakh units last month, with the rest of the units being exported. The company has also seen an eight percent increase in exports compared to the previous year.

3. Motorcycles Dominance:

TVS Motor's motorcycles continue to be a significant contributor to their sales in India, with three lakh units sold in the previous month. This represents a 10 percent growth in motorcycle sales.

4. Apache RTR 310:

TVS recently launched the Apache RTR 310 motorcycle with a 312.2 cc engine, mated to a 6-speed unit with a slipper clutch. It can produce 35.11 bhp of power and 28.7 Nm of peak torque.

5. Scooter Sales:

TVS Motor's scooters also performed well, with an eight percent growth last month. They sold 1.55 lakh units of scooters across India.

6. New Electric Scooter - X:

The company recently introduced a high-performance electric scooter called the X in Dubai, priced at ₹2.50 lakh (ex-showroom). It's expected to be available in India soon. The electric scooter is powered by a 4.44 kWh battery pack and offers a range of around 140 km, can accelerate from 0-40 kmph in 2.6 seconds, and has a top speed of 105 kmph.

7. iQube Electric Scooter:

The standout performer in September was the TVS iQube electric scooter, which saw a substantial increase in sales, jumping from 4,923 units in September last year to 20,356 units in the same month this year.

This significant growth in the sales of the TVS iQube electric scooter indicates a rising interest in electric mobility and the positive reception of this particular electric scooter model in the Indian market.